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I am a genetically-augmented, highly intelligent Yellow Baboon. In 2003 I escaped from a secret military facility in New Mexico. I lifted this laptop on the way out.
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:: 8/17/2003 ::

Get ready for the New York, Ohio, Canada, Michigan baby boom of 2004!!! While Detroit water pumps shut down, I'm sure there was plenty of pumping going on else where. I can only hope that families actually talked, stories were exchanged, love blossomed and some sape ripped ass in a stifling elevator only to be swiftly rescued. The funniest thing to me were the images of traffic jams on the freeway. Where the fuck are you going?! Do you think by some miracle that TGI Friday's has power and is serving up some tasty Jack Daniels BBQ Ribs?!

I love chaos. Chaos like this, not the crumbling building, terrorist kind. But 50 million without power for a few days is interesting to me. Probably because it didn't affect me. How could probably see the stars over New York.
Which brings me to a topic that has been on my mind...light pollution.

People are starting to sue, be cited etc. because of light pollution. Excuse me. If you're so in love with the fucking stars...move out of the city and the suburbs. If you're so hell bent on being close to all the shopping, excitement and whatnot that urban living provides...shut your fucking latte holes and close the goddamn curtains.

"But I have to stay close to work." Then stop complaining. "My life is here." Okay, so is everybody else's...and that creates light! "There's too many people. We're overpopulated." Fuck you! Cities are over populated. You sapes breed like fucking cockroaches and you all seem to want to live in the same place. Come to South Dakota. Visit Nebraska. There's not a cocksucking thing there! So don't complain that the world is overpopulated. Get off your ass, walk out of the Starbuck's , hop a train to nowhere and go the fuck away. Then we'll see how overpopulated your world is.

Light pollution, noise all seems to get wrapped up in this "save the environment" argument. The truth is most of the middle class people complaining about this don't care about the environment. They want a nice place to live and good property values so they get a good return on their investment. Not bad things to want. Just call it what it is. Suddenly everybody watches the Travel channel or Discovery and they're an expert on the environment. It doesn't stop them from driving their petroleum sucking SUVs or running their AC all night or buying products like plastic, the production of which produces greenhouse gases. It's just something else to complain about.

I know there are people out there who are legitimately concerned about the world we live in and the quality of life. Kudos to you. A big BoonHug for you people. For too many, though, it is just something to complain about.

Humans started altering the environment when they started building nests in the trees. It has only increased. The answer is not to shut it all down. Get better at it. You are the governors of the planet. Govern. Don't destroy and don't make vain attempts to restore it to its former glory. Work with it. Get what you need. Hell, even get what you want, but find the balance. Be the benevolent rulers of the planet. It's not hard. The planet gives you every opportunity.

Do I know how to do this? fuck no. I'm a monkey with a computer, a fair vocabulary and strong opinions. I just know there is a happy medium between wanton environmental destruction and The Amish. I know you can do it. It could take forever, I know you can. Regardless of my acid, I do have every faith in humans. That's why I post here. I know somebody is listening.

So all those of you who were caught in the blackout, I hope you looked up at the stars, talked with your families, neighbors, friends, and took it for what it was worth. A change of scenery without a scene change. Hopefully you didn't pile into your car, turn on the AC, crank the radio and turn on the lights because you didn't know how to live without the constant noise.

And I hope all you consenting adults fucked your brains out and had a blast doing it.
:: Eric Peter Schwartz 3:49 AM [+] comment on runko's post ::
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