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I am a genetically-augmented, highly intelligent Yellow Baboon. In 2003 I escaped from a secret military facility in New Mexico. I lifted this laptop on the way out.
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:: 6/04/2003 ::

So, they have found me.

I now have confirmation that The Facility is monitoring my site. They have started communicating with me through my message board under the name Infinite Monkey. They even forced poor unaugmented Carmel to type me a message. Bastards. For a little while I will not be posting my location. At least until the heat is off. It's time to move a little faster than I was. With almost a week's travel since my last posting and track point, I do have the advantage. This baboon is not beaten yet. They can try to use their psychologic warfare on me. But it won't work. They don't realize that the shit they put me through in there steeled me. Made me resistant.

Carl and I have reached a place we feel comfortable. In fact I may not be able to coax Carl back to the "Boon-mobile" He has spent the last few hours running around a green valley meadow, mackin' on all the Colorado honeys er...bunnies. Perhaps this is where Carl and I will part company. Perhaps not. But we will have to move soon. I won't deny that the posting from The Facility has shaken me a bit. I thought I would have a little longer. I have yet to find out who sold me out. It was probably that pissy chess guy. Jag.

So I am refilling our water supply in a creek. It smells okay. Probably good. Food is running low, but we've been making due. It's been a little stormy but Carl and I are small and shelter is easy. Gassing up the toro is a little harder but we've managed so far.

So I will probably give it until later this afternoon, and then we're off. Hopefully it'll be WE. I have grown quite fond of Carl. I probably won't eat him. ironic...I have a pet.
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