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I am a genetically-augmented, highly intelligent Yellow Baboon. In 2003 I escaped from a secret military facility in New Mexico. I lifted this laptop on the way out.
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:: 4/05/2004 ::

It has been almost a year since I escaped from The Facility. Almost a year since I couldn't stop and had to keep running. It feels like such a long time ago. And now, I am on the run again. Just as the days were getting warmer and longer...I was spotted in Clem's backyard, taking a dump. I have been very careful but now...the jig is up, as it were. Clem has been clued in to the fact that a baboon has been living in his basement for the past 6 months or so...and Bald Knob authorities are after me. I'm fairly certain that soon county and state police will be tracking me down. Knowing you sapes - hunters, animal activists, and zoologists will also join the fray.

That is, if Bald Know authorities are believed.

The biggest problem is that, while it has warmed up, the nights are freezing. I was able to lift some clothes and blankets and I am travelling, pushing a small wheel barrow that I lifted from Clem. (How funny - a year out and I already can't travel without luggage.)

So, needless to say I am moving none to fast and under cover of darkness. The worst part of all this is that farmland hasn't started growing yet. I have to try to make it across big open fields without being seen.

I am currently outside Maberry, AR and making my way south. I will have more to write later.
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