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I am a genetically-augmented, highly intelligent Yellow Baboon. In 2003 I escaped from a secret military facility in New Mexico. I lifted this laptop on the way out.
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:: 7/26/2003 ::

Sorry sapebuds. I really haven't had a lot of time to stop and surf the net for a while. The Black Hills are busier than I expected them to be so I have been avoiding run ins of the sape kind.l If I had been using this "augmented" brain a little more I would have realized that the Black Hills is a major tourist spot and it's July. The Toro has been holding up, but the engine is starting to sound ragged. It may be time to retire it soon.

Had a run in with some buffalo a couple of nights ago. If you think that humans would freak at the site of a baboon tooling around on a toro, just imagine what a herd of buffalo would do. Apart from nearly being trampled to death, I couldn't get "One" by U2 out of my head all day.

I've been getting a little political lately with my posts. I'm sorry. The more I am online, the more I realize that politics in all its forms is unavoidable. I am trying to cut back on the news sites and focus more on what really counts, stupid personal homepages and porn.

Gotta run real quick, then I will be able to talk more. just wanted to check in.

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