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I am a genetically-augmented, highly intelligent Yellow Baboon. In 2003 I escaped from a secret military facility in New Mexico. I lifted this laptop on the way out.
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:: 6/27/2003 ::

Okay so two of the big news stories that I have been reading about are the RIAA (Recording Industry Assoc. America) will now be checking out your shared files on KaZaa and suing you if they think you have too many. From $750 to $150 G's PER SONG!! WOW. This means that I could ...well Dr. Tibedeaux from the facility could be liable for millions of dollars. I am currently logged in and BEGGING the RIAA to come take a look. I'd love to see that electrode ramming cocksucker taken to the cleaners. What's he going to say? A monkey did it? Then he'd have to come clean about Project Infinite Monkey and I could come out of hiding. Either way, as long as Tibedeaux's colon stings, I'm good.

Speaking of colonic stinging...the other big news story is that the Supreme Court ruled that anti-sodomy laws are unconstitutional. They handed down the "dick up" ruling in a flurry of pre-vacation activity this week. Good. Not much else to say. I guess this means that the RIAA trying to recoup lost money from albums they shaft artists for is legal.

I don't think that what the RIAA is doing is wrong. It's just a pain. If people had just kept their mouths shut, this wouldn't be a problem. Like all things that start out as a good idea or with the best of intentions, abuse and greed have turned it to shit and now the courts will be getting involved. File sharing is a wonderful idea. In the old days with Napster I would hear Toby (my half wit twentysomething handler) talk about what a paradise it was. Music lovers sharing music. Like handing an album to a stranger and saying "you gotta hear this". Then the fucking teensapes got involved. It wasn't about listening to new things anymore. Now it was about getting whole albums for free. So here I sit, afraid of litigation and unable to look around, download a track here and there and experience new music. Why? Childsapes abused it until it could no longer be abused. Now we have an organization created to protect the rights of artists and the industry having to turn into witch hunters, using scare tactics and suing their CUSTOMERS.

Again, a giant ass fuck circle with the 'boon getting the big shaft as last in line.

So now I go back to and Soundclick and IUMA and all these other sites. There is wonderful unknown music there for free. It's legal! Artists who create, post and hope are putting it all out there. That's the actual paradise. Fuck the P2P shit. Here is the real commune. Literally millions of artists standing on a virtual street corner busking for you. Fuck the labels. Fuck the industry. Fuck the song theives. Boycott the whole business and give some real artists a hand.

Hear endeth the Boon box.

Yes, for those of you who asked, I experienced my first hangover. Big time. As I told my buddy Derek in the forum, I felt as though my head had been pulled through the vagina of a gerbil, without hurting the gerbil. It took a few days for the haze to clear. But I am back in the swing. I am still enjoying Cozad Nebraska. I have been here for a while and still no sign of Infinite Monkey or that freak the Count (who I found out is now sharing webspace with me at .

I'm not sure when I will move on. I've been firing up the Toro at night, jsut to make sure it's still running. I'm enjoying it here.

So, I am off. Talk to you all soon. Bark at me in my forum!! I love to hear from you sapes. And for chrissakes...go listen to something you've never heard before!!!
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